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  1. Hello,

    My Name is Ray Koh and I am the founder for Chili Beep. I am a frequent traveler, a backpacker and love to explore the world. My biggest achievement was completed a backpack trip to 7 countries in Western Europe within the budget of GBP$600 in year 2000 with just a LONELY PLANET GUIDE (at that time).

    I have a problem when people tell me about the travel story of the destinations they have been to. I get excited and wanted to go to the same place but end up either got lost the place or took longer than expected to experience it.

    What IF I can follow your guided tour and experience the same you experienced seamlessly!

    I want to share with you . A project currently in the early alpha stage, to provide the best travel experiences and to boots your travel excitement.

    Chili Beep connects locals with travellers, and allows you to discover, and hear the local side of the story easily. In addition, Chili Beep lets you create Self-Guided Tour and Travel Diary, share the joy and travel experience with friends and family.

    I really like your guts, passion and travelled to so many countries with just USD$700. I would like to invite you to become Ambassador in Residence for, if you’re interested!

    Also, Please help us improve the product by informing us should you have any enquiry, I would really happy to hear from you.

    Ray Koh

    First article that I found about you:

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