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Aug 1, 2011: Eilat Balagal

The reason why I wanted to go to Eilat was to cross border to Sinai, Egypt, and flew from there to Ethiopia. It’d be much cheaper to fly from Jordan or Cairo, but I didn’t have enough time to get visa to either Jordan or Egypt. Sinai is the only place that lets me (an virtually everyone) in for free for 14 days. My flight is on the 5th of August, but since Asher and Joe, my very good friends in Israel, are also coming to Sinai for a trip, I thought it’d be fun to spend few days with them They took the bus from Tel Aviv to Eilat, and I hitchhiked. We planned to meet at the border and took a cab together to Bir Sweir.

But when Yoni was about to drop me at the border, Asher called to tell me that he wasn’t allowed to leave Israel with his withering passport. It was wet and a page was going off.  Continue reading

Jul 31, 2011: Challenge Accepted!

So I lost my wallet.

I was pretty upset because I lost the visa card. It was my only valid card, and HSBC Vietnam refused to issue a new card without my presence. There is no way I can receive or withdraw money from now on. In the depressed moment, I even thought of giving up the trip and going back to Vietnam. But then I realized that it was purely stupid. I don’t have money, so what? I’ve already booked the ticket to Ethiopia, and I’m doing AFRICA! Even if I can only travel for only few more weeks, I’ll still have the most fun out of it. I’ve never had money with me, so the wallet had only sentimental value anyway.

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